What would Jesus do (ongoing)

Take off your cap – No phones inside the church – No dogs.

Boredly told phrases that the bouncer in front of Cologne Cathedral must constantly say. Every year more than 6 million people visit the church, what makes it one of the most visited places in Europe. Over the past few months, I have been visiting Christian sacred places to see how mass tourism is effecting the sanctuaries. What I found are large tourist groups with flags and audio guides, selfie sticks and a number of souvenir shops which offer products such as Bobble-Head Jesus figurines or value packs of crucifixes. To a certain extent, I went in search of places where faith turns into kitsch and prayers are getting replaced by selfies. I made a pilgrimage through the hallowed halls with my camera and flash and was hardly noticed, as most of the visitors were better equipped than me. In recent decades the church has not changed so much as the societies in which it is rooted. The tightrope walk between adapting to a modern age and retaining tradition is one of its main challenges. There is a danger that the profound, otherworldly interpretation of religion will be jeopardised or even fall into kitsch. My work should draw attention to this danger with a wink of an eye.