Food Sync

One day the fossil fuel engine is replaced by electric motors, coal power plants are upgraded to regenerative energies – and also the food industry will change permanently. One approach that will play an important role in this field is „Food-Tech“. Startups and companies are researching ways to use technology to reduce resources in food production, to establish new crops as sources of protein or to lower food waste through digital networking. Some tech-food approaches seem like visions from a science fiction story – and yet they are already part of our present: Protein-rich microalgae are cultivated in kilometer-long glass tubes, producing a hundred times more biomass than conventional grain fields. Pilot projects exist in which people take part of their diet intravenously, and an insect larva is being cultivated that could revolutionize existing food cycles. Food Sync gives insight into this tech scene and underlines that not only Silicon Valley but also European companies can do technological pioneering work.

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