Food Sync (ongoing)

If our food system does not experience a consistent change in the coming years, the global food supply will reach its limits and sustainable food production for the world’s growing population will no longer be possible. To prevent this, three factors are particularly relevant: People need to produce their food more resource-efficiently, food consumption needs to focus more on plant-based diets, and less food must be wasted. One area that can help these developments is „tech food“. Many companies and start-ups around the world are researching solutions to improve the food industry with the use of modern technology, new process techniques and innovative products. Over the past few months, I have visited several of them and documented parts of their work. My photographic essay provides insights into the world of the tech food scene and stresses that not only Silicon Valley, but also European companies are doing technological pioneering work. Many of their solutions seem like visions from a science fiction novel – and yet they are already part of our present.