Ole Witt realizes documentary long-term projects and works as a freelance photographer.

Before he began studying photojournalism and documentary photography in Germany

at the university of applied sciences and arts in 2014, he worked as a carpenter in Canada.

In 2017 he continued his studies at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India.

During this time he worked on his Series „Help Desk“ which got published in stern and SPIEGEL ONLINE.

He was among the finalists of Lensculture´s Exposure Awards in 2017  and won the Kolga Newcomer Award in 2018.

Ole Witt is represented by INSTITUTE.




12.02.2018 Lensculture Exposure Award Finalist 

13.04.2018 Zunkunftswerkstatt Ihme-Zentrum – Fun of Yesterday

28.04-24.06.2018 Young Photobook, Braunschweig 

01.05-31.05.2018 The Library Project, Dublin 

03.05.2018 stern publication – Bürokratie macht geduldig 

04.05.2018 Kolga Newcomer Award, Tbilisi 

17.05-20.06.2018 Photo London, London

22.05.2018 Wired.com – Capturing Humor in a Sea of Red Tape

31.05-03.06.2018 Photobook Fesival, Kassel 

01.06.2018 GeoArt Gallery, Berlin 

01.06-30.06.2018 IED – Instituto Europeo di Design, Madrid 

06.06-29.07.2018 Athens Photo Fest, Athens 

07.06-17.06.2018 Triennial of Photography, Hamburg 

20.06-24.06.2018 Lumix Festival, Hannover 

08.07-15.08.2018 Foto Leggendo, Roma

23.07.2018 Spiegel.de/Panorama – Ihre voraussichtliche Wartezeit beträgt 14 Stunden

02.09-09.09.2018 Photography Seminar Litauen, Nida 

01.09-16.09.2018 Visa pour l´image, Perpignan 

30.09.2018 FAZ – Sonntagszeitung – Der Klotz des Anstoßes 

14.09-30.10.2018 Kaunas Photo 2018

10.09-16.09.2018 Organ Vida – International Photography Festival, Zagreb 

21.09-16.10.2018 International Photoszene Köln, Cologne 

04.10-07.10.2018 Photobook Week Aarhus, Aarhus 

01.11.2018 Zentralbibliothek Dresden, Dresden 

Spring 2019 The Tokyo Art Book Fair, Tokyo